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How do I use my Tesco Clubcard

How to use Tesco Clubcard vouchers on Choc on Choc.

1. Selecting your title(s)

Visit our website at to see our yummy selection of Chocolates. You can also preview what’s inside on the website!

2. How do I get my Tesco Reward Partner code(s)?

Once you’ve decided on the chocolates you would love to buy, please go to:  GET MY REWARD CODE Here you can obtain your code(s) to spend on Choc on Choc.

3. How many Tesco Reward Partner code(s) can I use for my order?

Please note that only ONE code can be used per purchase. Please Note: Tesco Reward Partner code cannot be combined with any other offers.

4. How do I order Chocolates with my Tesco Reward Partner code?

First, validate your Tesco Reward Partner code at Next, you will be redirected to our Online Store. The Tesco Reward Partner code is applied automatically. Please be reminded that, Tesco Reward Partner code cannot be combined with any other offers.

5. Can I order more than one Chocolate?

Yes, you can! But please be reminded that only ONE Tesco Reward Partner code could be used per order. You may wish to separate your orders in order to apply multiple Tesco Reward Partner code.

6. What will happen if the value of my Tesco Reward Partner code doesn’t cover the full cost of my order?

Any remaining balance after the Tesco Reward Partner code is applied can be paid via Paypal or Credit Card.